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    Quality is our second name.

    Creative Hardwood Flooring provides hardwood flooring products and hardwood flooring services, including floor removal, wood delivery and disposal.


    Bona Waterborne System Finishes used by Creative Hardwood Flooring

    … is a poly-toned,waterborne sanding sealer specially formulated for use with all Bona waterborne finishes. Bona AmberSeal combines the colour and depth of oil –based products with the low VOCs and safety of waterborne sealers.It has excellent abradability ,fast dry times and reduces the potential for site bonding and tannin bleed.Bona AmberSeal is non flammable ,virtually odourless sealer and is GREEN GUARD certified for indoor air quality.

    DTS (Deep Tone Sealer
    … is a specially formulated waterborne sanding sealer for use with all Bona waterborne finishes.Bona DTS seals the wood,develops a deep natural tone,vibrant look,abrades easily and prevents the finish from penetrating into the wood surface.

    BONA-SEAL Wood Floor Sealer
    … is specially formulated for use with Bona Traffic,Bona Mega,Bona Eon 70,Bona Strong finishes. Bonaseal seals the wood,minimizes grain raise,provides a build layer,and prevents the finish from penetrating into the wood surface.

    DRI-FAST Sealer
    … is a quick drying,polyurethane sanding sealer.Designed to penetrated and seal bare wood.Compatible with all Bona stains,oil modified and waterborne finishes.

    … is the next generation of wood floor protection that preserves the thru natural look of your hardwood floor.With Bona Naturale ,you get as close to an untreated look and feel as possible while still providing your floor with a durable surface.Along with Bona Naturale elegant look and noticeable unique feeling underfoot,this finish also has superb durability.

    BONA-TRAFFIC Brand Wood Floor Finish
    … is the latest generation of a two component waterborne polyurethane finish. Formulated specifically for heavy traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors. Traffic provides unsure-passed durability in a wood floor finish.

    … is a two component waterborne urethane wood floor finish formulated for professional use on high-traffic interior residential and commercial wood floors.The original worldwide standard for waterborne finishes now reformulated for todays more demanding emissions standards.

    … is the revolutionary, oxygen-crosslinking, waterborne wood floor finish for use on heavy traffic interior residential and commercial floors. Bona-Megas unique OCP formula uses the oxygen in the air as the crosslinker. Bona-Mega is the worlds leading waterborne finish,providing exceptional durability,beauty and value.

    … unsurpassed flow and levelling, defaming, and numerous application options make Bona-Novia the easiest to use waterborne finish on the market. When Bona-Novia is used with Bona-Amber-Seal it is a budget sensitive, dependable alternative to any oil-based system.

    Maintenance, Solutions

    Vapor Retarders - Concrete slab and wood joist construction

    The two most frequent causes of moisture problems in a new home is moisture trapped within the structure during construction and/or a continuing source of excess moisture from the basement, crawl space, or slab. These moisture sources can also cause problems with wood flooring. However, a properly placed vapour retarder can prevent or reduce moisture from entering the house.

    The term “ vapour barrier” has been commonly used to indicate materials that inhibit moisture movement. Most of these materials do permit the passage of small amounts of moisture: therefore the term “vapour barrier” is not totally accurate and “vapour barrier” is more appropriate. A “vapour retarder” is a material which has a permeance of less then 1 perm. 6-mil polyethylene (0.6 perm rating) or equivalent materials are now used as retarders.

    Ordinary asphalt saturated roofing felt or building papers should not be used as vapour retarders.


    Strip flooring and related products should be protected from moisture migration through a slab. Proper on grade or above grade construction requires that a vapour retarder be in place beneath the slab. Always perform appropriate moisture tests to determinate suitability of the slab before delivering wood products.


    For a new home with wood joist construction, after the roof, windows and doors are installed, place a polyethylene film over the crawl space earth as soon as possible. Cover the earth 100%, overlap sheets, turn up at foundation walls, and weight down to avoid dislocation.

    Source: Controlling moisture in homes-according to National Association of Home Builders,1987


    Important Changes for Nail Down Installation of Bigger - Wider Size Floors

    Please note that there are important changes taking effect for nail down installations of bigger size floors.

    Effective immediately, many styles of floors will require the use of glue in addition to the cleats or staples used to fasten the floor. Why the change? Wide plank flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years,and most are approved for nail down installation. However, mechanical fasteners alone are often not enough to secure the flooring to the subfloor, as the wide planks mean fewer fasteners per square foot of flooring.

    For this reason Creative Hardwood Flooring requires that selected styles of flooring use glue in addition to mechanical fasteners in nail down installations. Selected products may require glue assist, glue end joints or both.


    Choosing the Right Finish

    Customers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right finish for site finished floors.

    Polyurethane finish (oil-based)

    • gloss finish-[ high shine ]
    • semi-gloss finish-[ medium shine ]
    • satin finish-[ low shine ]
    Waterborne finish (water-based)
    • gloss finish-[ high shine]
    • semi-gloss finish-[ medium shine ]
    • satin finish-[ low shine ]
    • matt finish-[ dull looking ]

    Finishing, Sanding

    Sanding and Finishing

    Real hardwood floors can be sanded 3 to 5 times. Every sanding will give a new look to the natural color and beauty of the floor. Every time the floor is sanded, the customer can change the color of the newly sanded floor. Site finished floors can be re-sanded every 5 -10 years to achieve a “new” look, or recoated with 1 coat of finish every 3-5 years to get a “fresh’ look.


    Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

    Maintaining perfect floor is not an easy task. Creative Hardwood Flooring suggests and recommends:

    • Keep the relative humidity level in the room between 35-45% all year round
    • Always vacuum the floor before mopping
    • Use the right floor cleaner
    Creative Hardwood Flooring does NOT recommend the use of:
    • Water
    • Vinegar
    • Pledge
    • Murphy oil
    • Soap
    • Swiffer

    About Us

    Creaetive Hardwood Flooring Logo
    With 18 years of experience in providing hardwood flooring services for all of Southern Alberta and the East Kootenays area, Creative Hardwood Flooring takes pride in every job done.

    Roman Bilek, the founder and owner, has set the highest standards for quality service by building connections with his customers over the years. Creative Hardwood Flooring offers many services, such as: quality hardwood floor installation, on-site sanding, custom staining, and finishing, as well as repairs and refinishing on older floors.

    Creative Hardwood Flooring gives customers full confidence by meeting any demands they may have, always being punctual and staying on schedule. Creative Hardwood Flooring offers products from the most trusted brands so that customers can be sure of the durability of our flooring. We will always honour all manufacturers’ warranties.

    Creative Hardwood Flooring is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and honesty.

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